Calol St. Sanitary Sewer Replacement


Project Value: $1.8 Million


The project entailed installing approximately 750 LF of HDPE sanitary sewer system on Calol Street for Chevron. The scope included the installation of new sanitary sewer pipelines, manholes, cleanouts, and tie-ins. Calol Street required excavation in multiple phases to install new HPDE sanitary sewer line and manholes. 


  • Excavating 
  • Trenching 
  • Piping 
  • Paving 
  • Underground 
  • Tie-ins 
  • Demolition 
  • Grading 
  • Sewer System (MHLS) 
  • Safety: Traffic attendants 

Project Highlights

  • Installation of 750LF of 12” HDPE sewer line 
  • Removed 1500 tons of soil during excavation 
  • Successful tie-in to existing facility sewers and drains 
  • Multitude of subsurface obstructions (abandoned lines, concrete guy foundations, unmarked duct banks, wood dunnage, etc.) 
  • Locate and tie-in additional drain lines 
  • Tie-into existing 6” force-fed sewer 
  • Working with live lines 

Challenges & Solutions

  • Multitude of subsurface obstructions which required extra planning to reroute and/or demo obstructions 
  • Locate and tie-in additional unplanned drain lines 
  • Tie-into existing 6” force-fed sewer 
  • Correct flow maintained amongst countless subsurface obstructions encountered due to critical and creative field thinking 

Crafts Supported

  • Laborers 
  • Operators 

Project Success

Completed the 9,200 man hour project with no recordable injuries while working on an operational road. Excavation scope was successfully completed without damaging any underground obstructions.