Pipe Support Replacement Project


Project Value: $2 Million


Civil construction to widen and increase the mass of 57 existing concrete foundations and upgrade the baseplates and structural steel on 40 bents.

  • Project Specialties
  • Excavation
  • Underground
  • Masonry
  • Structural Steel


Completing seismic repairs and upgrades to the existing Standard Road Pipe Rack that was built in the early 1970s and experienced severe damage due to corrosion at multiple beams, columns, vertical bracing and anchor bolts – all in accordance with the 2013 California Accidental Release Prevention Program Seismic Assessments and the 2016 California Building Code. We also performed voluntary modifications to the lateral-force resisting system.


Faced with difficult excavations that required abnormal shoring installation and complex layout, we noticed an unexpected large boulder that presented a hazard to perform the necessary excavation began. We helped redesign the structural upgrades and eliminate the hazard of the boulder, keeping the field crews safe during the seismic retrofit.

Project Success

Provided constructibility and value engineering for the retrofits and to the soils engineer.