Chevron Refinery Support Team 


Project Value: $1.6 Million


Due to Major Turnaround and other events requiring a multitude of Chevron personnel. The Chevron Refinery required a support team at the boiler shop to backfill the maintenance projects around the refinery. 


  • Direct Communication with Rep to devise safe and efficient work plans 
  • Field Welding + Installation of Spools 
  • Wide variety of piping classes used 
  • Daily communication with Reps 
  • Daily QA/QC doc submittals 
  • Variety of SMAW, GTAW, alloy, structural, and specialty weld procedures 
  • Field Verification and Work with DED for changes. 
  • Pipe and Structure Prefab 

Project Highlights

  • Team of problem solvers in order to complete projects in a timely manner 
  • Projects included hot taps, steam systems and fresh air jobs 
  • Projects could change daily 


The support team is tasked with completing projects that could change daily. Because of the scope and timeframe of projects, there is limited time to plan. When planning, we must consider the skillsets required to complete the assigned tasks. 


Effective communication was crucial for the successful completion of tasks safely and on time. It was important for shop representatives, Goebel Construction management, and the field crew to collaborate and understand the tasks to be completed. As well as the available resources, such as the manpower, to ensure the necessary skillset was available. By having a clear understanding of the project, we were able to plan accordingly to ensure that everything was completed efficiently.

Project Success

Owing to the success of management and the field crew’s ability to showcase a broad range of skills to complete tasks. The 4–6-week project got extended to 6 months. By the completion of the project, there was a total of 9,403 safely worked man-hours.