Long Wharf Sanitary Sewer Replacement 


Project Value: $4.6 Million


The existing sewer system was at the end of service (EOS). Requested by client, Chevron, to develop and execute a replacement plan. 


  •  Demolish the existing 7500LF carbon steel piping system which included:
      • Complete system flush with fresh water
      • Insolation, drain down, and blinding
      • Saw cut and removal of piping
  • Installation of 3 new septic tanks and pumps which included:
      • Vendor fabrication
      • Pre-engineered support system
  • Fabrication and installation of a new 7500LF carbon steel piping system which included:
      • 1000+ welds that required 100% NDE
      • 75+ tie-ins into the existing facilities
      • 75+ suspended work platforms
      • Hand rigging
      • Crane and rigging
      • Structural steel modifications and installation
  • Provided all QAQC which includes:
      • Welder Qualification
      • Material MTR’s
      • 100% NDE
      • Weld mapping
      • Strength test of all piping systems
      • Flange torque and reports
      • As-built drawings 
  • Provide all management, field supervision, labor, equipment, and materials.

Project Highlights

  • Construction was completed without one environmental incident. 
  • Client requested and relied on GCI’s construction and engineering capabilities to successfully complete this project. 

Challenges & Solutions

  • Entire project was over water. Nothing in our construction process could enter the bay. 
      • GCI developed and executed a site-specific plan to meet this requirement. 
      • Plan was executed 100% successfully. 
  • All flanged connections required double containment. 
      • GCI developed the containment system. 
      • System showed a project cost saving of $250,000 
  • Three new septic tanks/pumps were required for this project. 
      • GCI developed the installation location and pre-engineered support system. 
  • Work had to be planned and completed in conjunction with a fully operational wharf with heavy ship traffic.

Project Success

Logistically difficult project that was completed on time without any disruptions to product deliveries or environment.