LSFO Crude Flexibility Project 


Project Value: $900,000 


With an opportunity to increase efficiency and profits, Goebel Construction was tasked by Chevron with the 30 LSFO Crude Flexibility Project. With the new LSFO line, a wider range of products could be moved efficiently to different Locations. 


  • Earth Moving 
  • Hydrotesting 
  • Demo of Pipes & Supports 
  • Piping Prefabrication 
  • Pipe Support 
  • Masonry 
  • Hot Taps 
  • Mechanical Pipe Install 

Project Highlights

  • All excavation completed by hand 
  • 76 total welds 
  • Foreman forecasted manpower needs to help control project costs 
  • Pipe prefabrication reduced the number of field welds thus reducing costs 
  • Coordinated line outages to complete welding of three 12” Hot taps 


  • The project required excavation through bedrock material. 
  • The site did not allow access to heavy equipment. 
  • Hot taps located in areas with limited accessibility require coordinating with multiple contractors. 


In collaboration with operations management, we were able to generate a new piping and structural support route. The planned route to different locations would open the flexibility of their crude system. The field isometrics gathered during field walks were used by engineering in the final work construction package. 

Project Success

Goebel Construction completed the project under budget and a total of 3,850 safely worked man hours. Ensured the project was completed before the end of the year so allocated funding could be utilized. The success and information gathered from the LSFO project led to the wharf capabilities project. 

Crafts Supported

  • Pipefitters
  • Carpenters 
  • Laborers