North Yard Thermal Radiation 


Project Value: $1.6 Million


Installation of structural supports for thermal shielding panels at catwalk & stairways in Chevron’s RLOP unit. This package includes the installation of support steel and panels. There will be an electrical conduit that will need to be relocated due to the installation of support framing. 


  • Place concrete foundations for new staircases and install new steel supports to the existing reactor structure 
  • Mount new thermal shielding panels to installed structural steel 
  • Excavate for new staircase foundations 
  • Place concrete and restore asphaltic concrete 
  • Drill holes & weld stiffeners to mount new structural steel 
  • Install new thermal shielding panels 

Project Highlights

  • Multiple trade coordination: crane and scaffolding support, electrical, lead/paint abatement, ironworkers 
  • Drilled 400 holes into existing steel to allow for new support installation 
  • Installed 100 stiffeners 
  • Approximately 100LF of structural welding 
  • Worked with engineering and gave input to resolve multiple fabrication issues with existing steel busts. 

Challenges & Solutions

Working on this project involves several obstacles. An issue working in a location with high visibility due to the elevation. We had to ensure 100% tool tie-off when working at heights, effective implementing of an ePTW system, and dealing with challenging weather conditions like high winds due to high altitude. 

Project Success

Despite experiencing shipping delays from the manufacturer, we managed to finish the project ahead of schedule. We are proud to report that the project was completed incident and injury free without any dropped objects.