RLOP Turnaround 



During the 4th Quarter of 2022, Goebel Construction executed a Turnaround Event on Chevron’s Richmond’s Lube Oil Plant (RLOP) unit. Considered a Major Turnaround Event by the client, they entrusted Goebel to provide numerous services including mechanical piping, civil construction, and labor support. 

Crafts Supported

  • Pipefitters 
  • Laborers 
  • QC Technician 
  • Operators

Services Performed

  • Pipe Replacement 
  • Temporary Piping 
  • Anchor Bolt Foundation Support & Replacements 
  • Replace Sour Water Piping 
  • Pipe Repair 
  • Grout Columns & Flare Bases 
  • Valve Changes 
  • Relief Blowdown Piping 
  • Pipe Detailing 
  • Safety Fire & Hole Attendants 
  • PRD Replacement 
  • Pipe Prefabrication 
  • Labor Ground Support 
  • Condensate Pipe Replacement 
  • Paving 
  • Earthmoving