Project Value: $400,000


Remove the existing foundation and construct a new T-2651 Foundation at Chevron Refinery. 


  • Demo existing tank foundation and over-excavate for placement of structural fill material. Install rebar and forms for the new T-2651 ring wall. 
  • Layout concrete embedded anchors to exact elevations and specified orientations along the ring wall. Pour tank ring wall. Strip ring wall forms. 
  • Backfill with sand and structural fill material inside the tank ring wall. Pour concrete cover slab. Wet set leak detection groves during tank slab concrete pour. 
  • Restored area paving concrete around new tank foundation. 

Project Highlights

  • As-built existing tank prior to demolition to assist engineering with future construction 
  • Identified potential issues prior to beginning construction to eliminate time loss during execution. 
  • Assisted with unplanned emergency scope to fabricate (3) fiberglass pipe spools 


  • Encountered subsurface firewater lines 
  • HDPE expands and bubbles with heat from sunlight 


The encountered fire lines were rerouted by us to make way for the tank foundation. Since HDPE cannot receive sunlight, the tank slab concrete pours began at 12 AM to ensure the HDPE liner was flat and level. 

Project Success

The project management team coordinated with procurement to order long-lead items ahead of the execution date to avoid delays. Due to an unplanned grounding, we collaborated with an electrical contractor to meet city inspector requirements without affecting the concrete placement schedule. The project was successfully completed incident and injury free.