Wharf Capabilities Project 


Project Value: $1.1 Million


In order to improve product transportation efficiency to the wharf from various locations. Chevron contracted Goebel Construction to modify its piping to improve efficiency. 


  • Pipe Prefabrication 
  • Pipe Support 
  • Line Resize 
  • Addition of Thermal Reliefs 
  • Pipe Demo 
  • Pressure Release Device (PRD) 
  • Supports 
  • QA/QC Tracking 
  • Tie-ins to existing lines 
  • Valve Changes at pump station 

Project Highlights

  • 156 Welds 
  • 600 ft of pipe demolished 
  • Utilization of pipe tugging method was safely implemented which resulted in cost savings for the client.
  • Foreman forecasted manpower needs to control costs


  • Piping Demo Scope of work included working on a hillside with limited accessibility. 
  • Multiple work-site areas with overhead powerlines 
  • Scheduled outages left minimal room for error to complete the project on time.


We collaborated with operations to map out a new pipeline combined with existing underutilized routes. The field data gathered and the proposed plan was used by engineering for the final work construction package. To save costs, we prefabricated the welds to lower the number of field welds. 

Project Success

The project was completed without any reported injuries or environmental incidents for a total of 5,250 man-worked hours. Completed the project by end of the year in order to use allotted funding. 

Crafts Supported

  • Pipefitters